Bonita REST API Documentation

OpenAPI v3 format

Bonita provides an OpenAPI v3 specification for the REST APIs exposed by the platform. These REST API can be accessed by any HTTP client or curl or any HTTP library which is part of most modern programming languages.

If you are already using Java, have a look at the Bonita Java client which allow you to build apps interacting with Bonita quickly and easily. The java client code is mostly generated based on the Bonita OpenAPI specification.

Compatibility matrix

Bonita version REST API versions
2024.2 (10.1.x)
2024.1 (10.0.x)
2023.2 (9.0.x)
2023.1 (8.0.x)
2022.2 (7.15.x)
2022.1 (7.14.x)

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Documentation archives

If you need to access to OpenAPI documentation not published on this site anymore, you can still download the zipped documentation from previous releases from Github repository bonita-openapi